Thursday, May 10, 2007

Up Yours Employer X!

I applied at Employer X not too long ago. Finally had a phone conversation with them on TU and already they sent me an FO e-mail.

I did not apply at Employer X because I want to work there. In fact, I have been in Employer X's office 3 times as a consultant and thought if the people there spent as much time working as they did whining to managers and engaging in CYA that place would do much better. So, I am not too broken up over the FO.

Why did I seek employment at Employer X then? Because I am getting fed up with my current situation, that is why.

In the past I have seen opportunities to work at Employer X in the past but never applied, but things with my current employer have finally pushed me that far. No rationalization but thankfulness. At least I can say I tried and they fumbled the opportunity.