Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On Condeleeza Rice.

At one time I was very keen on Condeleeza Rice running for elected office namely the office of President. The shine has come off a fair amount.

Why? She has no elective political experience. Very important, all the posts she has held have been by appointment not by election. Getting elected is a complicated matter and while I have every confidence she can learn she must first – learn. If she wants to pursue higher elected office then she should pursue the governorship of a state.

So many who are Rice supporters back off and then suggest a bid for the vice president. The Vice President often plays the role of attack dog. I just do not see Condeleeza Rice pulling that off well.

Furthermore, her stint as Secretary of State has been less than pleasing to myself. Obviously one person (even the captain) can only do so much and a ship as big and entrenched as the State Department is not going to turn on a dime, but even the top level initiatives of the State Department are not pleasing.

Also, I have n documentation to back this up, but the buzz I hear about Condeleeza's stand on many social issues is she closer to the Democrats than the Republicans. Maybe, maybe not, but until those come out I err on the side of caution with Ms. Rice.