Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Soccer Match

Anyone who knows soccer and how soccer tournaments work know how teams often do not play to win and how a draw works just as well as a win so what do they do? They all sit back on defense. The other team gets shots on goal all night long but can not score so the game ends in a nil-nil draw with one team advancing and the other going home.

This is the situation the Congress & the President are in. Congress does not have to pass any bill, they can play for a draw and as long as there is no bill authorizing more money the Surrendercrats win (and we will go back in a number of years at much greater cost) the contest.

They will send bills to the President all day and all night long and the President can veto the bills just the same, but eventually something has to give and the Surrendercrats are not going to be the ones giving.

I feel bleak about this no victory for our force is going to be big enough and no terrorist victory is too small.

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