Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ru Paul

Ru(n) Paul is what I have dubbed Ron Paul. According to JPod I should get a huge traffic shot here sounds like Ru Paul fans spend there time monitoring their inboxes for Google Alerts.

Anyway Ru Paul's argument the 9/11-19 attacked us on account of our policies is correct. However, most people either concede Ru Paul's (or that of his evil twin Patrick Buchanan) premise or do not realize what it is.

What is the premise? The policy the 9/11-19, Zawahiri, Bin Laden, et al. attacked us for our misguided (at best) or our evil (at worst) policies. The solution is to withdraw behind the maginot line of our borders. This typically means sealing our borders to trade, and immimgration as well (however, this is where the likes of Paul & Buchanan split off from the kooky left).

For instance, Pat Buchanan argues we had Pearl Harbor coming in this shortly after 9/11 article.

Now, I do not dismiss Pat's entire case but most of it relies on a knowledge of how events played out in the end. In addition, being able to conduct a more consistent relies on something we do not have in our system of government and that is a long term executives, remember even before term limits having a person as president for more than two terms was non-existant except for FDR.

Pat and Ru long for a period of mythic American isolation from the rest of the world and this period never existed.

Even our founding fathers found it necessary to intervene in world affairs, the Marines sing about this (the Shores of Tripoli).

Sooner or later the Islamists were going to be gunning for us.

Jonah Goldberg takes on Ru Paul's silliness on many more fronts than I do. Check it out.

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