Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tagged I am It!

The Nurse on Call has tagged me! Now, I must reveal some dark deep inner secrets about myself. Well, may not dark and not too deep, but you get the idea!

  1. I lived for six years in Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates (long time readers know this, but maybe not newer ones or drive bys)

  2. In the spring I miss winter, summer, and fall, in winter I love downhill skiing, during the summer fishing (when I can), the fall – deer & grouse hunting (when I can). All year I love to do things on my computer (blog, program, websites, etc), cook, and take an active role in lopcal & far away communities.

  3. I hates the Windowses. My computer runs on Slackware Linux.

  4. The Empress and I are planning to build a house this summer.

  5. I am an optimist which gets me into trouble as the optimism leads me into thoughts such as: Rebuilding that multi-national company's financial system? Oh, that will take one month and I can start on it in three weeks from now.

Now, who am I going to tag? I would love to tag Wretchard at the Belmont Club but I doubt that will get a response.

  1. Bob at Mindanao Blog

  2. DJB at Philippine Commentary

  3. Kate at An Ole Broad's Ramblings

  4. Jonz at Drunken Blogging (hehehe I am doing that right now!)

  5. Jib at Jiblog