Monday, June 04, 2007

Slick Phishing Attempt

Another day another phishing note.

Activate your card now

You may activate now by entering your card number over our secure server. If your card issuer is participating in Verified by Visa (most issuers are) you’ll complete a brief activation process. You’ll verify your identity, create your Verified by Visa password and you’re done Start using verified by Visa

Visa’s multiple layers of security provide cardholders with an extraordinary level of protection so they can feel confident no matter how they use their Visa card. Verified by Visa plays an important role in this strategy in the following ways:
a) Improving the security of online payment transactions
b) Increasing both cardholder and merchant confidence in Internet purchases
c) Reducing disputes and fraudulent activity related to Visa payment cards

Simply activate your existing card at First National Bank in Manitowoc 4727-86XX-XXXX-XXXX with the Verified by Visa service and create your personal password.

The service is free to Visa cardholders.
You’ll have the added assurance that your Visa card is safer when you shop at participating online stores
Source: Phishing Attempt E-Mail
The First National Bank of Manitowoc once again serves as a bait, however it is not the hook. The link provided (not included above) first off does not work as intended but when you type in the URL yourself it sends you to a very slick looking & convincing (at least by the superficial appearance) site to register your visa card.

Again, there are many hints in the note pointing out the true nature of the note. I did some searching on the address provided in the link and it shows up in some scam databases out there.

I do not know how Outlook handles web links embedded in e-mail but below is a screen shot of my client with the mouse over the link provided:

Notice, in the lower left corner? That site does not appear to have anything to do with banking or finances.

  • 8:44 pm June 4, 2007

  • One phishing site shut down:

    Thank you Marcus.
    Site has been shut down per Yahoo!

    Source: E-mail from First National Bank of Manitowoc