Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cigar Cutting!


Do you smoke cigars? I know some of you do. What do you use for cutting the tips of your cigars? Do you use a cigar cutter such as shown above? Or perhaps you use a cigar cutter of similar but simpler design than the one shown above? Well, hate to break it to you, such cigar cutters are sooooo metrosexual you need to grow a pair (however, if you are a woman cigar smoker then feel free to use fancy cigar cutters) and learn how to cut cigars the manly way!

Step 1

Go to your table saw with the requirements. A box of cigars (I like Alhambra Cigars from the Philippines) Also, note the Old Style & Jagermeister, please note the peppermint schnapps are missing.

Step 2

While we enjoy woodworking we do not like to smoke sawdust, so clean off your work surface as is demonstrated. Shop vacuums & high pressure air also work in lieu of brooms.

Eye & Ear Safety

Be sure you have something covering your eyes while performing cigar cutting operations. Also not the hearing protection, and spare stogies at the ready. For this work I suggest classical or baroque period music as romantic and modern music will most likely at times be drowned out by the saw only to deafen you as the tables are turned.

Preparing to Cut

Make sure everything is square!

Adjust Blade Height

Adjust the height of the blade so the teeth barely clear the top of the cigar. This is also for safety!

The Perils of Kickback

Duh! If you want to go back to using the bejeweled cigar cutters stand in such a matter! Stand off to the side so if the blade kicks your cigar back it launches harmlessly!

Let 'er Rip!

Make sure all is clear of the blade and turn your table saw on. Then, slowly and carefully feed the end of the cigar through the blade. Do not push it through fast but feed it slowly.

The Clean Result!

Wow! Which side is factory cut and which is table saw cut?

Now, Enjoy!

Nothing like a cleanly cut cigar!


Obviously, the above post is offered in jest. Working with power tools such as table saws & chop saws carries the very real risk of injury. My brother and myself have worked around such tools pretty much our entire lives and we know what we are doing. If you have never worked with such power tools I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT attempt the above procedures.

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