Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vast Dairy State Conspiracy Going

I have two blogs left of center on my blogroll. One is Wisconsin based and the other I do not know where they are from.

I just clicked on the blogroll link to the Vast Dairy State Conspiracy (VDSC) link and my attempt to reach the VDSC failed, it seems the VDSC blog engine has tagged my link as an attempt to foist referral spam on the blog. Furthermore, the page informing me I was tagged as a referral spammer had a link to a form to get off of that list, but guess what? That link was broken!

Therefore, I am going to give the VDSC a period of one week to get that referral block situation fixed after which if the block is not fixed I am going to remove the link. It doesn't pay for it to be there.