Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Warranty Strikes Again

Two days past warranty and my phone shows real serious problems. Apparently the circuit that triggers the wire earpiece (which I suppose I have somewhere but I have always used a bluetooth) is shoddily built and is now fooling my phone into believing a wired earpiece is plugged in. Result: my phone makes most of the sounds it is supposed to but the sound of people talking to me and a few miscellaneous beeps & pops.

The warranty? Well, the pimply dude at the kiosk told me most likely the phone would not have been taken in warranty anyway due to its condition (huh?). Well, I will head to a shop as opposed to a kiosk and worst comes to worst then I will get software to bypass the wired speaker and failing that perhaps I will send it for repair.

To be fair, I have notice the phone exhibit this behavior in the past but I did not need the phone like I do now and before it sorted itself out fairly quickly.