Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh Sayang! Pity, What a Waste!

Polk County, Fla. -- A large group of cheering men in a rural part of Polk County led to the arrests of 17 men on suspicion they were taking part in a cockfighting operation described as "very professional" by the county sheriff.

Officers raided a rural area of Polk County Monday and found a massive grave of freshly killed roosters, [emphasis added] drawers full of sharp fighting spurs for birds and $25,000 in cash.
Source: Local6.com – Police: Cheering Men Lead To 'Professional' Cockfighting Operation (Massive Grave Of Dead Birds, $25,000 In Cash Found)
What a waste. Don't those guys know the losers in cockfights make a most excellent soup!

HT: The Drudge Report