Monday, September 17, 2007

The Old Neighborhood

Well, I did not find any blowoff fires, but I did find my old flat in Al-Ain United Arab Emirates. If you are really interested in checking out the neighborhood you can plunk in: 24 °14'42.69" N & 55°43'17.57" E into any satellite imagery service and zoom in. It took me some looking and thinking as it appears if the main roads nearby were tore up and some rerouting was done.

You can see the remains of an old intersection (a perpendicular intersection) replaced with a western job and the north south road tangentially hits a round-about. That intersection was dangerous because many locals would blow through it at 50 mph even though they had a red-light. Anyway that road re-engineering made my job much more difficult.

Anyway have a good one!

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