Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rage Pinoy!

We have all heard of Rage Boy, right? The Pakistani Muslim who has a propensity (and the right face for it) to be in front of a raging crowd while also being in front of a camera. If anywhere there is an insult (real or perceived) to Islam you are sure to see Rage Boy's gibbering & contorted visage.

Well, now we have Rage Pinoy. You see, Michelle Malkin started getting e-mails out of the blue about an episode of Angry Desperate Housewives, apparently one of the characters, quite in character, delivers an insult to her doctor involving asking the doctor she wants to check his diplomas to be sure they do not come from the Philippines. The comment is quite thoughtless.

However, this has provoked Rage Pinoy. Various groups of Filipinos are now organizing protests over this. Michelle Malkin has a predictable, but interesting take:
Unfair? Yes. Rotten double standards? Yes.

But instead of assimilating into the victim culture, it might be more effective for Filipinos to take a pass on the Jesse Jackson playbook and respond in a novel way.
Three: I find some of the e-mail I’m getting to be laced with hypocritical ethnic entitlement. Some Filipinos have seen fit to dismiss my ethnic heritage entirely and consider me “white” because of my politics and past criticism of the Philippines’ reckless decision to pay ransom for hostages taken by jihadis.

Now, after a stupid TV show insults Filipinos, they expect me to jump on the protest bandwagon with them automatically in ethnic solidarity.

Question: Where were you when far worse Filipino insults were being leveled? Just wondering.
Source: “Desperate Housewives” insults Filipinos – Michelle Malkin

This is a whole lot of to do about nothing. The statement leveled is from a fictional character not real person and not a television network. Unless, we want all TV shows and movies to have only "Stepford Characters" (or perhaps ala Geico our characters on TV shows will consist of neanderthals and the like) we need to understand the characters portrayed all have an unseemly side. In this case the character Susan is upset by what her Doctor tells her and in character says something hurtful. TV shows typically are supposed to have some resemblance to life and people have a tendency at times to say hurtful and thoughtless things.

Get over it. BTW, Michelle thinks coming up with a visage for Rage Pinoy could be a fun project, I do to and will approach various friends to audition for it!