Sunday, September 23, 2007

An Espidida

We have been dealing with one espidida after another the last week. An espidida (say it espa-deeda) is going away party. I do not know if the word is pure Filipino or a Spanish loan.

Anyway our friend Cora and her new husband Tom are moving to the Philippines and leave tomorrow. Our friend Mary was Cora's sidekick and Mary was not in a good mood tonight. Kawawa naman kay Mary, Mary is usually a very jolly woman and she was tonight but as The Empress and I were leaving it was very obvious Mary was fighting back tears. How can it be any different?

When I was in Al-Ain the UAE Espididas were a common affair. One was held for me and then I returned to get the Empress and went through it all again.

Espididas are hard but at least it is good to know there are people in the world who you will cry for their absence and those who in return will cry on account of your absence.

Better and espidida than a funeral.