Friday, September 21, 2007

I'll Never Get Traffic Patterns

Here on Blogger Beer. Most of my traffic is from Google Searching. 9% of the last 100 visits were referred by an unknown source. I know the source and that is bookmarks. A number of other visits arrive through links on other Websites such as the Jawa Report, the Badger Blog Alliance, or a site that blogrolls the 101st Keyboardist Division.

However, Google referrals are my number one source of visits. I can discern no patterns, but for one thing. It has to be fresh here. I can lay off posting for a bit and the visits drop off. If I keep things fresh here then the visits increase even though the visits are just as likely to be a blog from January of 2005 as they are to visit my recent blogs. It is almost like Google punishes blogs for not keeping fresh.

No matter how you arrive at Blogger Beer you are most welcome!