Saturday, November 10, 2007

I am Shocked! Shocked!

Politicians put up people to ask favorable questions! Yes, I am talking about Hilary Clinton being caught planting "fake" questions in the audience at a stop. Of course politicians do this. You can be sure Hillary also has to deal with plants by the Edwards and Obama campaigns (I don't think Kookoonich is up to it too busy pulling tubes or something equally as daft). Of course, if Hillary is the nominee then she will have to deal with people posing questions to her on behalf of her Republican opponent.

I once did such a thing myself. I was asked to call in and put a question to Howard Dean. It was a question on agricultural policy and I am not an ag-policy wonk. However, the person who put me up to it was most likely doing on instruction from higher up the chain of command and the question was designed to pick on Howard Dean's natural favoritism for Vermont farmers over Wisconsin farmers.

National presidential politics is as much show business and image as it is about hard cold facts. Of course Hillary staffers are out looking for people to pitch softballs to her. Be dang sure the rest of the candidates are doing likewise.

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