Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Solving MMSD's Sewage Dump Problems

Occasionally we hear stories about the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District taking gigantic dumps into Lake Michigan. That is, when the rain overwhelms the MMSD's capacity the MMSD releases raw sewage into Lake Michigan.

Well, Charlie Sykes today noted a new fad from Africa taking hold in our nation. That is the fad of getting high off of Jenkem

What is jenkem? It is a huffing the gas derived from fermented sewage. How lovely!

Well, jenkem is not yet illegal (in our mechanistic legal system) so I propose the MMSD divert any sewage they are unable to properly handle to pools and ferment, collect, and sell jenkem. They can even flavor it to reduce the reported nasty taste (duh). This may even bring in enough revenue to give Milwaukee county residents a one year respite from tax increases (or at least minimize the regular increase).

In all seriousness now. Charlie asked how someone came up with this. Good question and in the places noted by the Wiki entry on jenkem my guess is someone noted the buzz they got by being in a confined space surrounded by a latrine of sorts or open sewer venting into their confined living quarters. They noticed a pattern of being high while in their space and coming off of their high when out to the market and did what people do – distill pleasurable patterns.

Snopes notes the story and as far as jenkem catching on in the USA they are skeptical. I am too.

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