Monday, January 21, 2008

On Sunday

It really is soaking in, Packer wins in Lambeau Field even during the cold and important games are not inevitable. This is the second time in recent history the Packers have had their post-season play ended in Lambeau Field.

While, good play is the most important factor, the psychological aspects of games is important too. The Packers, during the Holmgren era, were unbeatable at home.

So, was the season a catastrophe? No, reaching the conference championship is not a trivial feat it is a feat. Prior to the season I voted in an online poll and called the Packers to go 11-5. I admit it, I am a homer and my glasses are green and gold. I thought I was being highly optimistic in my prognostication. However, that was not so crazy.

The Packers started off the season without a running game. They have a solid base from which to improve their running game now. Yeah our game was shut down on Sunday, but the week before he ran for 208 yards, not easy against any defense in the NFL.

This year also had the return of the Packer's screen play. Last year the screen had problems pulling away from their starting positions and getting set up. More than once last year I saw them tripping over each other, saw some real purty screen plays this year. The Giants did a great job of blowing those up on Sunday.

With essentially the same team, the Packer's are going to have an improved running and screen play games. This will be coach McCarthy's third season with the same team.

The defense needs to shore up the front line. Manning had way too much time and the Giants ran at will.

What positions do the Packers need to draft for?

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