Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crossover Voting

There is some chatter about persecuting those who crossed party lines to vote in the opponent's primary elections. Yes, I use the word persecute rather than prosecute on purpose.

I do not crossover, I am conservative and my business during primary voting is to choose candidates for my party. I believe primary season is party business and the state has absolutely no business running and conducting primary elections.

Political parties are private entities, albeit private entities that have a lot of impact upon public affairs. As private entities the parties should not be entitled to state handouts to help them select their candidates. This goes for the GOP as well as the Democrats.

The caucus system is the way to go. The county party caucuses are the way to go. The county organizations caucuses only allowing paid members to participate. The decisions those counties make bubble up to the state level and then to the national level.