Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spinning Jeremiah Wright

Ah so much fun listening to the left attempt to justify and minimize Jeremiah Wright.

There is a set of standard talking points I am hearing over and over.

He is Mild Compared To Others

Yeah and so what for it? This is an attempt to change the subject. Variations on this theme are there are many more like him.

Neither argument is a reasonable defense of Jeremiah Wright's rhetoric, in fact neither claim attempts to defend or explain. It is an illusionist's trick trying to distract people from the very inflammatory rhetoric of one close to a man who is potentially the next president of the USA. What Mr. Wright says is key not what some other preacher down the street says. It is Jeremiah Wright who is close to Barak Obama not any other preacher.

Candidate X did not have to explain away his religious affiliation.

Really? How about Mitt Romney? Seems to me John McCain just disowned a preacher whose church Mr. McCain is not a member of, was not married by, whose children were not baptized by nor has any other association with.

To say Republican candidates do not have to answer for their religious affiliation is either a lie or willful ignorance. Do you think if John McCain had close ties to Pat Robertson the left would not be screaming about this?

The statements are taken out of context

This is the stupidest defense of all. This man accuses white people of inventing AIDS to destroy the black race and that is not his only stupidity. How is that to be taken out of context?

Radio talk show host Doug Stephans was in Jeremiah's church over the weekend (according to his talk this morning) and Doug notes how nice it all was. Well, yippy-skippy again the problem is Jeremiah's association with Barak Obama and it is clearly more than that of the crazy uncle. Doug says everyone was so nice in the church. Again, this is not about everyone it is about Jeremiah Wright.

Jeremiah Wright is a racist pure and simple. Plain folk can see that however many are blinded by the transfiguration of Obama.

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