Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mixing Up Sincerity and Vulgarity

Another little fluff fest going on in WI blogosphere especially by the leftists is Jessica McBride's outing of Illusory Tennant. Cousin IT (actually Cousin Itt, but close enough) got into the habit of using vulgarities when referring to women who blog on the opposite side of his postions. In fact, one notices a general tendency on the whole of the left to want to want to engage in indenty smears when dealing with non-white-guys in political debates. Whether it be locker room language or the standard and trite uncle tom.

Do I think Cousin IT and his brethren misogynistic or otherwise spiteful? My initial impulse is to say no, but one of my faults (or perhaps one a delayed blessing) is to be be overly generous. Most people I think would characterize Cousin IT as a mysoginist.

Now the Wisconsin left is damning Jessica for exposing Thomas Foley (aka Cousin IT) via CCAP. The phrase they are using wantonly is the old glass house but when I look up Jessica on CCAP I see nothing worth talking about, why do they squeal like stuck pigs?

I don't know, Cousin IT uses misogynistic terms in a loose way when it comes to his women opponents. He has apologized to Ms. Carpenter and refuses to do so when it comes to Ms. McBride so why should they expect respect in return? What conservative woman blogger is next to recieve a misogynistic insult from Cousin IT?