Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Loophole Vs.Loophole

What is a loophole? A loophole is a slur used to denigrate shortcomings in the written law. We are hearing a lot about loophole of late, most notably in hte form of Loophole Louis the nickname of Louis Butler candiate for the supreme coutr of Wisconsin.

Typically screams loophole when a taxable entity follow the tax law to their advantage and the right does it when an attorney or a judge follows the exact law to the benefit a convicted criminal on appeal.

Am I equivicating here? Am I proposing a moral equivalence here? If I were not yet done then I suppose so but I am not done.

One category of loophole favors the people the other the government. Why am I not surprised the left favors elinating loopholes to favor the government. The left often talks up the rich and business using loopholes to minimize their tax bill. Of course, this means reduced tax revenue so the left knee jerkingly opposes such loopholes.

However, loopholes used to spring the accused or the convicted are often praised by the left. Of course, the government suffers to in this case but it is society that often directly and physically bears the burden of loopholes used to spring.

So when we hear the left slam the use of loophole when it comes to Louis Butler think no less than their ox being gored.