Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who Should Let Brett Go?

I picked up on this Yahoo Sports article: Let it go Packers fans, Brett Favre should not come back by Clifton Brown of The Sporting News:
Listening to the speculation since Favre retired has been fascinating. It seems harder for people to let go of Favre than it is for Favre to let go of football. Whenever he talks, people are looking to get some inkling he is considering a comeback. Obviously, many people can’t conceive of a football season without No. 4 playing for the Packers. One of my college buddies is a huge Packers fan. The last time I spoke to him, he sounded like he needed a therapist.
Source: Let it go Packers fans, Brett Favre should not come back – Clifton Brown for Yahoo Sports
Who should let Brett go? Most speculation I hear is how Brett is putting feelers out to teams other than the Packers. Brett is done playing football and I accept that, I was hoping for one more year based on his and the team's success this year but it is not to be.

Most Packer fans I know (and living only 30 minutes drive from Lambeau Field I knew a few) are over Brett's retirement. I think what Cliff is reacting to is not the fan so much as the reporters. A common observation was how the sports media had obsessed over Brett's retirement for the last four years or so and now he is retired they obsess over the possibility of his comeback. In fact, there are two stories on Yahoo before Cliff's about how Brett may come out of retirement if the Packer's suffer a number of injuries and need a quarterback.

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