Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Out of State Pennies

Yet another post on Penny's (out of state) pennies. It is quite obvious most people know what I am reluctant to come out and name. I received a PDF regarding Penny's out of state supporters, James Wigderson posted a blog on it, and a commenter also stated quite plainly the issue driving the out-of-state pennies to Penny.

I will am going to post the PDF here, give the closest link I can to Penny's July '08 pennies, outright name the cause. Problem is, its late and I have to travel tomorrow & will not be home until the night after. It is coming.

As the commenter Charie states – probably 60%+ of Appleton residents oppose the agenda and this is true statewide. The issue Penny is obviously in support of, was widely rejected by statewide referendum in 2006 - in wider margins than the public voted for GOP candidates!

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