Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Reuniting Social & Fiscal Conservatism

This is the second consecutive drubbing the GOP candidates have taken at the polls. I am not happy for this, but I see it as voters preferring Miller over Miller Lite, they want the real thing not a watered down version. In many respects the GOP has become a watered down version of the Democratic party. McCain frequently beat down the profit motive and bemoaned corporate greed. Sarah Palin was not even above doing that from time to time, characterizing oil companies in language that was way too close to Democratic talking points.

As people point out President Bush presided over a huge increase in government's spending and interference in our lives. I believe people decided if we are going to be going in that direction we should probably put the real deal in charge.

One thing I am sure we are going to hear. The hoi-palloi, the country club Republicans, the mainstream mastadons are going to pin the GOP loss on the only winners of the night, the socially conservative movement, those rubes those dupes the evangelical voter.

Similar to 2006 socially conservative measures passed and did so in fashion far outperforming any candidate. The lesson is simple conservatives must relearn how to unite social values to fiscal values, it can be done.