Saturday, December 13, 2008

Commentary on Yesterday's Guest Commentary

Yesterday, I attempted some humor with a spoof guest commentary. Yeah, it fell short of the mark, but one tries.

In all seriousness now, here was the point of it. Essentially, it is to show how stupid those who are trying to say they are "more conservative than thou" are. They are just as foolish as those who are trying to paint the social conservatives as a bunch of inbred know-nothing snake-handling hicks too stupid to be involved in politics. Both attitudes are little more than ugly elitism.

What set this off is an article by Jonah Goldberg in particular:
It's like when you watch "Cops" and the idiot burglar tries to hide beside a tree in the dark, even though he's wearing light-up sneakers. It's like when Dan Rather dares the world to prove he's a clueless ass-clown. It's just good stuff. There's no tragedy here. No wasted potential. No undeserving victims. No profound and complicated symbolic issues (I somewhat doubt the Serbian-American lobby is going to cry racism). This is the sort of criminality we want the Feds to find, particularly in Chicago. Everyone gets what they deserve — at least so far — and all of the guilty parties are all the more deserving of punishment because they don't quite understand what the big deal is. I love it.
Source: The Blithesome Banality of Blago's Blunders — The Corner (Jonah Goldber)
Even more particularly what set Dan Riehl off was the comment about "undeserving victims". Riehl cries elitism and him and the discussion in the comment general start chanting we are more conservative than thou.

With no apologiesto [sic] Goldberg whatsoever, some of us are not so jaded as to dismiss the profound tragedy a Blogojevich represents. But then we're the victims - the taxpayers. And as for wasted potential? Read the Constitution or contemplate that we are supposed to be a nation of laws, you insulated, to use your word, "ass-clown," a word which shouldn't even be on NRO imo.
Source: NRO: We're Just An Elitist Waste Of Time — Riehl World View

Nice play guys now we can put you up with the likes of Dan Rather and other scions of the MSM in your ability to quote and take out of context another's words. The whole point of Jonah's Corner post is to note how utterly uncontroversial Blagojevich's guilt is (I am not the state I can presume anyone's guilt or innocence as I like), just like that guy on Cops who is caught on camera doing something criminal and then proceeds to do even more stupid things in the evasion of arrest.

Blagojevich is not going to be painted as a victim of some overzealous prosecutor or a racist system (ala the OJ Simpson murder trial). Surveys show there is even less approval of Blagojevich than of Congress.

If you don't like the comment relating to the absence of victims, then point it out and refrain from the "I am more conservative than thou" crap we are not going to start winning elections again until we stop subdividing ourselves.