Sunday, December 14, 2008

Packer Frustrations!


Wow, this is getting old. The Packers eke out a lead, then the first play their opponents have from scrimmage (regardless from where they start) is a 50 or so yard pass play and then from there it is at most two plays and the Packers are back behind. Once again, it happens according to that script and at the end of the game. It is like the Packers are auditioning for a role in a Goundhog Day remake.

Hey, Packers, next weekend how about just a rebroadcast, I can't imaging things being all that much different from the way the last, what is it, four games have played out.

That said, don't put blame on Aaron Rodgers. How many times a game do we expect him to have to lead the offense back from defensive failure?