Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Dianafication of the Presidency

I am studiously avoiding the inauguration coverage, I just fired up music on my system in order to avoid even a music only public radio station referrals. Let it be known I have not gone out of the way to watch any recent inauguration, I don't put my faith in government, I put my faith in God.

Kathryn Jean Lopez comes up with the right description of what is happening:
The danger today, of course, is that Inauguration Day is not a moment for civic renewal and responsibility but that this one is more of a Princess Di moment, as a friend just put it to me, as we look at the "Sea of Humanity" as Drudge has it and listening to the over-the-top (U2's "Beautiful Day" playing) media coverage.
Source: The Corner — Kathryn Jean Lopez (re: I-Day)

Inauguration Day by its very nature is about change — the peaceful and methodic change of government from one administration to another. Of course, it is quite ceremonial as the changeover has been going for sometime and will continue for a sometime on. Its been pretty obvious, we have had two presidents now for a while, one dealt with foreign policy issues the other pronounced on things domestic. Today that changes, back to one president.

But what we have been seeing in this campaign and the runup to this day is over the top. It is as noted above the Dianafication of the presidency. That is not good.

The press for the last eight years was a government watchdog and now it seems they want to be government boosters. President-elect Obama is not going to fail, even if by objective measures his is a failed presidency the mainstream mastodons will not allow Obama to be seen as a failure. I find it funny, how much adulation Lincoln is getting from the media now, Lincoln's contemporary media sounds like they could be talking about W today.

In the end, I wish Obama well, I would advise him to listen to conservatives and implement conservative policy ideals but that is not going to happen. I am fastening my seatbelts.