Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Few Things

I have always meant to note this but never did get to it, well now I do.

First, Merry Christmas to all!

Now, after the elections one thing I heard Jim Doyle say more than once was that how now the Democrats controlled the legislature they could pass a smoking ban. Silly me, I thought it was Russ Decker a Democrat who bottled up the smoking ban? A Democrat buddy of mine from Wausau was awfully disappointed with Russ over that. Seems to me if the Democrats had been able to keep their own legislators in line, the smoking ban would have been in place. I can not say there is any Republican resistance to a statewide smoking ban that amounts to anything real.

Just like that silly notion that W killed Kyoto. Why didn't Bill Clinton sign it & present it to the Senate? Kyoto is nothing more than a flaming bag of poop.