Monday, December 29, 2008

Why isn't this a recall?

I am kind worked up at the moment. The speedometer on our '04 Suburban has become unreliable. Regularly it will read 30 mph faster (or even way more) than actual. Now, that speed difference is enough to tell you things are wrong, but then you do not know how to compensate until you can come to a stop and even then I have seen the speedometer reset its zero in mid drive.

I can correct the speedometer temporarily by turning the engine on & off. This causes the Suburban's systems to reset itself and eventually the speedometer finds true zero again. However, we have had an incident where the speedometer did not work at ALL, that is it stayed stuck on zero. In any event, eventually the speedometer goes haywire again. Fortunately, I have my handheld GPS device in the truck and am getting into the habit of turning it on and then having that as a backup.

Still, this is wrong wrong and wrong. Apparently Chevrolet has a warranty campaign on this seven years & 70,000 miles, but our Suburban is outside the mile range (was so since we bought it). My uncle reports his 2004 truck had the same problem, but since he bought his truck new he had no problems with the warranty.

I just called a Chevrolet shop and they informed me of the customary $70 fee to lift a finger on it and then approximately $450 cost to replace it (I am guessing that does not include labor probably add another $200.00 on top of that so we are talking about $800.00).

I checked with the The Federal Government's Office of Defects Investigation to see if there was a recall on, but nope, as I state earlier it is a manufacturer's limited warranty fix. NOT SATISFACTORY! So, I filed a complaint starting here. If you have a similar problem with your Chevrolet (or GMC) truck I urge you to file a similar complaint!

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