Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On Geithner

It sounds like Tim Geithner is going to be confirmed. How sad, a guy in charge of the IRS is on the record of trying to cheat the IRS. I have no sympathy for the IRS, but the take that the notion is paying taxes is for the little guy is very much present here.

Tim is trying to pass the buck to TurboTax. Come on do you buy that? I don't, whenever you make money you have to report it. I am quite certain the situation Tim was in is so uncommon as to be one of the questions TurboTax asks about. Come on Tim do a little research. I sold some stocks a number of years ago and had to do some independent research on how to report the purchases and sales. I figured it out and dealt with it.

What is somewhat disconcerting on my part is this guy is a wizard of smart and is supposed to know all about getting us out of our current economic problems. Count me as skeptical and I urge he NOT be confirmed.