Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rush, Jerry, and Edison Middle School

Oh How Funny,

I noted this at the Bader Blog Alliance but will do so again here.

Edison Middle School in Green Bay chose to use WTAQ to provide the feed for President Obama's inauguration. Well, anyone with a pulse in Green Bay should understand that from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm WTAQ carries Rush Limbaugh, and that Rush Limbaugh would trouble that hotbed of TIC (teacher's industrial complex) activists, i.e. the teachers.

Well, Rush decided to embellish and concurrently comment on the inauguration. He bleeped out the utterances of Hussein (so as not to offend Senator McCain) and as for the concurrent commentary I do not know about. I was listening to Winter Was Hard by the Kronos Quartet so I did not get the full dose of Rush's coverage. Anyone who knows Rush and what Rush is about, has to know he is not going to bow down in awe here.

Anyway, a teacher phoned in to WTAQ to complain about this and established an e-mail dialog with Jerry Bader. WTAQ & Jerry obviously alerted Rush's syndicator as the opening of Rush's show he addressed the situation. In the end, Rush has offered to come to Edison Middle School and deliver a lecture on civics and to take a select few students for a jet ride and economics lectures. The school should take him up on the offer.

Anyway, the complaint was not so much about the student's distress but about the teacher's distress. When I was at the age of these students my main thoughts sitting through such a thing would have been when is recess and can I go home to play space invaders. I hardly doubt students were moved to tears

In the end, my position is close to Jerry's. Rush should have shown the respect to the office, the office deserves. He could have had a field day afterwards, but in the end, the left has so poisoned the waters in the past eight years I don't give a rip, they only reason they are whining is because they are receiving what they so generously heaped out. Enjoy it.