Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Online Reputation

One of the ideas Wretchard at the Belmont Club hits on a regular basis is that of one's online reputation. Not just individuals, but organizations. I am watching a lesson in managing one's online reputation unfold.

To sum up, a friend of mine spoke out against the health care plan at a town hall meeting. In the process of being interviewed for a potential appearance on the Neil Cavuto show a local television story was filming that interview. My friend was asked if she was a Republican or otherwise put up to her appearance, she answered both negatively. The TRUTH is she cut her ties to the local and state party well over one year ago however, the local television station found some websites she had not updated in a while. Those sites said she was a member of the GOP and active in her congressman's opponent's campaign they ran with the story and did a hit piece on her. My friend is in the middle of her 15 minutes.

On one of these sites I have an account too, and for quite some time I had let the account flounder -- going without update. I have been on top of it for sometime now, keeping it somewhat current but prior this that site also contained information about myself that was not accurate or at least not flattering (it was a disparaging comment about my former position).

Occasionally I google myself to see what is out there about myself. I am also going to start thinking about other such accounts I have that I do not actively use and drop them. If you are not using an online service that provides a public window into your life -- actively maintain it or shut it down!