Saturday, September 05, 2009

President Brk's Speech to the Crumb Crunchers

Is causing a bit of a stir, and I don't think it is mainly the speech in and of itself it was that first "lesson plan" about writing an essay to pledge what one can do for President Brk.

Now, the President is a person that people naturally look up to — especially children. After all, when little children are asked what they want to be when they grow up, will often answer the president of the USA. Of course, we as adults realize the job is not all its cracked up to be or more likely we are not cracked up to be the president. So, as long as President Brk keeps his comments to: study hard, don't drop out,... we are all fine.

If he strays into policy matters and tells the crumb crunchers to pester their parents to support socialized pez candy distribution then the situation changes. I've seen it pointed out past presidents have done that, asked school children to support their programs. As the old saying goes it wasn't right then and it isn't now.

However, and this may seem like I'm hedging here, it is a healthy thing for a liberal (used in its traditional sense) society to to reject such injections of presidential sway into the classroom.

In addition, I like the notion of some parents are going to keep their children home that day. Take your children somewhere where they can learn or go over their upcoming lesson materials or do something with them they will remember. I remember one fall day out of school walking through creek bottoms jump shooting ducks with Dad, Grandpa, and my Uncle Rich -- a memory I'll treasure till I die, the lessons in school that day would be nothing but an indistinguishable blur.