Thursday, November 25, 2004

Wisconsin State Journals silly editorial.

I was in Madison this week and took in an editorial by the Wisconsin State Journal. In it they blame the murders in Meteor on you guessed it the gun. They also ran an insulting cartoon which essentially insulted deer hunters who hunt with semi-automatic guns.

First off, contrary to claims that few if any hunters use the SKS and similar guns is wrong. For Wisconsin deer hunting most shots are relatively close. You do not need a sub-minute gun (by sub-minute I am referring to guns that can consistently place shots within 1/60th of a degree, for instance shooting at 100 yards a sub-minute gun can consistently place shots within an inch of each other) for most of the shooting that happens in Wisconsin. I have seen instances where an SKS is not accurate enough but those instances are very few.

Two, many hunters carry guns which for intents and purposes are identical to the SKS, they are semi-automatics. Marcus for instance walks into the deer woods with a semi-auto. This gun though is more craftily constructed and I would trust it to approach minute accuracy (the shooter is the problem here).

Three, what is an assault rifle? You tell me since you know so much about guns! Assault rifle is nothing but a scarey name the gun-grabbers dreamt up to try to achieve their goal of banning ALL private gun ownership in the USA. Another similar term I have heard but have not seen catch on is: "civilian sniper rifle". How Orwellian!