Thursday, December 02, 2004

Values again.

One common catch-idea of the Left is we do not need God in our lives to know how to act towards other people. They essentially state that we all have a seventh-sense if you will on morals and values and like our other senses make things self-evident so too do our moral senses.

Yes and no. The reason we have the moral sense we do is because our society is steeped in the values derived from Christianity (which in turn derives its core values from Judaism). If you drop a cotton ball into a cup of tea, the cotton ball will inevitably acquire the characteristic color and flavor of tea (not the texture of course). The same here.

Here in America we all share roughly the same moral senses. One does not need God in their personal life to acquire this moral sense. However, this does not mean God is not needed. In the days before the rise of Christianity in Western lands people had much different moral senses. Rome was not a nice place before Christianity. Remove God and the tea becomes weak.

The Left in its fight to remove God from our society is sowing the seeds of our societies destruction and to set up the rise of illiberalism! People who live together need to share a common moral sense and if they do not there are going to be problems. Evenutally one sense of morality or the other will dominate.

Europe is quicly learning the Islamic moral sense is starting to become the dominant one in their lands and folks, in Islam the separation of church and state is meaningless, church and state are one. Those of you on the Left had better learn that the Taliban is not the political Right and the Taliban do exist and do want to set up a global caliphate.