Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Values values values.

The Left is trying to wrest the values issue from the Right.

They are soooo misguided. For instance today in the Appleton Post Crescent a frequent leftist contributor wrote a goofy letter on how morals have nothing to do with sexuality.

First off, he is wrong. Morals are all about controlling oneself. Homosexualtiy is wrong and is to be resisted. Yes, there are people who tend to it, but so too are their people who tend to murder. He hitches this arugment to the common one the left is making that it was Homophobia that drove Bush to re-election this is based on the fact that 11 states had anti-gay-marriage props on the ballot and all passed.

Some facts for everyone. Those measures passed with bigger margins than what the President had over John Kerry. Two of the 11 states did in fact vote for John Kerry. Survery after survey shows that oppostion to gay-marriage enjoys much more support than the President does. Opposition to gay-marriage is not just a Republican thing, more than a few Democrats also oppose this. In fact Bill Clinton advised John Kerry to make a public declaration in oppostion to gay-marriage.

The reason why value voters vote Republican is simple. The left's notion of values comes down to a circular firing squad. They sooo lack confidence in the founding principles of the USA and the West at large. Values to the left are not founded on the Rock of Truth (God) but on the sands of popular opinion. In fact the modern Left has worked overtime to destroy the Rock's presence in our society.

Some on the Left are beginning to fathom this. We will see how deeply they understand it of it is just a Hollywood understanding. Do they truly understand where American and Western values come from? Or will their right hands be painting a Godly picture while their left hand is tries to hammer God out of public existence?