Monday, February 21, 2005

The Tapes my quicktake.

They in no way harm the President. In fact quite the opposite, they show the President when he had every expectation of being able to be completely candid as being sincere.

The comments that are bound to stir up the most chattering are the ones related to his past use of drugs. The left seeing an oppurtunity to damage the president are probably going to say he was less than honest with us. The response of the President to the drug questions is perfectly legitimate. Are we all proud of what we did when we were young?

That is called growing up and learning. Most people in this nation (I am convinced) have used illegal drugs. The majority of those people have since quit using those drugs they grow up and cast off the habits of youth. Perhaps your cast-off is not drugs but something else. The fact is drug use is a choice that spills over into our lives and the lives of those around us.

Even though the tapes do not harm the President Mr. Weade has betrayed a trust and as such has lost a friend. Well at least it appears he is going to get a good price for that lost friendship.