Monday, February 21, 2005

Reader Reaction Forum.

The Appleton Post Crescent's Reader Reaction Forum is posed the following question: Who would you like to see run for president in 2008?

One line in particular came up way too often.

The United States is not ready for a woman president. I have heard this line often and it is quite frankly


The question comes down to which woman? Is the USA ready for Hillary Clinton? Yes, I think it probably is. One person then tacks on minority woman. Again


The nation is ready for the right minority woman and is this Condeleeza Rice? I am not certain we will see how she handles the politics of being Secretary of State. She is qualified academically and the little bit of the political rough and tumble she has been in already (Testifying before the 9/11 Commission and in front of the Senate in her Sec State confirmation) shows a good temperament for it.

One person a barking moonbat suggest Bernie Sanders. She labels him independent but he is only independent because there is no way he would win representing the Democratic Socialists of America. The Moonbat also advised Jeb Bush not to run, as if she has anything to say about it.

Among Republican suggestions the winner is John McCain with one person suggesting Alan Keyes. I actually voted for Alan Keyes in the WI 2000 Primary but given his record of late I hope he keeps his activity to pontificating and the like.

There is a definite dark current in the responses of the leftists. They insinuate a woman or a minority can not win in the United States. Let that be their self-fulfilling prophecy!