Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Al-Pazeera Pushes for Government Openess.

Found this story on Yahoo. Apparently Al-Pazeera is part of a group pushing for this.

The President of Al-Pazeera quotes thusly:
"National security depends on public trust," AP President and CEO Tom Curley said. "The trend toward secrecy is the greatest threat to democracy. We must be vigilant at explaining and fighting for accountable government in every jurisdiction."

Government secrecy is not the biggest threat to democracy. The untrustworthiness of the MSM is a bigger threat. Anyone and everyone has the right to keep what they know private and secret. The MSM's job is to find those willing to give those secrets up. It is not the government's job to do the press' job.

The MSM would be in a much better position if people could trust them to report on matters accurately, fairly, and without malice.

This is why I refer to the AP as Al-Pazeera, they are not all that trustworthy and seem perfectly willing to serve as a conduit for terrorist propaganda.