Wednesday, March 09, 2005


In today's Appleton Post Crescent "Its Your Call" section.

WHO’S IN CHARGE? The entire Middle East and Far East are either at war or at the brink of it.
Obviously Mr. Hodges wishes for the stability of tyrants with their boots on the throats of their people.

Resistance against our troops in Iraq is increasing and casualties are mounting.
No it is not. Reports indicate attacks against our forces fell dramatically in February.

The leader of nearly every European county has told Condi and W. politely to take a hike.
This is like our unitlateral action in Iraq. This guy counts Chirac and Schroeder as "nearly every European country" and in fact I recall Chirac and President Bush issuing a joint statement calling on Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon.

Where’s our commander-in-chief? Like a two-bit carny conman, he’s hit the trail for the next two months with his Social Security sideshow. Who’s in charge of the presidency of the United States of America in his absence? Karl Rove?

Ed Hodges,


Ed Hodges, you are a barking moonbat extrodiraire!