Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hugh Hewitt Responds to John Danforth.

Apparently John Danforth is listening too much to the LA & NY Times and is criticizing the "far-right Christians" in the Republican Party.

Hugh Hewitt posts an eloquent response to Danforth's plea to purge the party of Christian Conservatives Danforth's article is behind a NY-Times registration barrier and I refuse to give the NY-Times my information (as it is my general rule to refuse this to every news publication).

Hugh's criticism is spot on. There have been many not only one the left but also supposedly on the right who complain about the influence of Christians on the conservative movement. We have to deal with this in Wisconsin and I recall sometime ago my county party getting a letter from a Assemblyman on the fringe of our geographical area complaining how the OCRP was being taken over by such types.

Quite a few of the Conservative Wisconsin blogs grow tired of what they consider to be RINOs having more influence on state policy than what they deserve. They point to the demise of Mary Panzer as an example of RINOs and what happens to them. Owen at Boots and Sabers highlights some complaints in the Wisconsin Blogosphere. It is these same RINO types that are ruining the chances of getting good reform done in Wisconsin.

Those in the "center" or those who consider themselves "moderate" are often times veterans from before the Reagan Revolution and instinctively act as though being conservative is not acceptable in polite society. In their formative years this was true but it is no longer true. Quite being wishy-washy and stand up for what the Republican Party is about!

To those who want to quite the Wisconsin GOP due to the RINOs I say the following. What influence within the party do you thing that will earn? The people who volunteer and contribute are the people who get listened to. I also say this sounds like so much of "are we there yet?" No we are not, but this is the direction in which we are headed and if you jump off the trip now you will be left behind. Yes, Mary Panzer was defeated and another RINO assumed her position, guess what? One less RINO! I call that progress!