Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sunshine In The Valley.

Good Morning!

As is usual I have baroque music playing and my breakfast of Grape Nuts (Did you know Grape Nuts contains barley! Did you also know barley is the key ingredient in . . . BEER!) and sliced banana along with a glass of calcium enriched OJ. Also the smell sense is being tickled this morning by the aroma of two pots of corned beef and cabbage! One pot was not enough to contain all the goodness I am preparing (no matter how big the cooking vessel I usually challenge it)! My wife says it is odor of "utot", a Tagalog word I leave as an exercise for you dear reader to look up!

I do have a few items to place on Today's Blogger Beer Agenda.

  1. Apologies to those WI Bloggers who have discussed Gregg Underheim (in an endorsing fashion, fans of Burmaster get your own blog!)

  2. An attempt to create a canonical list of Underheim blogs (see above parenthetical note)

  3. Justice Scalia and the Constitution

  4. Good Riddance: Wisconsin SB-46 voted down!

  5. Don't Cry for Rachel

  6. Marcus in Arabia: The Africa Ireland Trip

  7. As it Comes

  8. The Last bit

A busy day!