Friday, April 15, 2005

The Sporting News Sez...

In their 2005 Baseball Preview issue about the Brewer's Ben Sheets:


Don't reach too early for Ben Sheets. A young lineup and green bullpen will keep him from piling up wins. But he will give you stellar help in strikeouts, ERA and WHIP.
The Sporting News Page 53 April 1, 2005 Issue
The Sporting News is right in its analysis for a change. The season is young but it is obvious this team does not clutch-hit too much better than last year. Don't get me wrong they have some bats that consistently hit but so far this year they can not get timely hits. Recently they lost in extra innings to the Cubs. The Crew was getting lead off hits regularly late in the game all the way to the end. But the two-baggers that led the inning off did not progress. Tonight it is the same lead off hits followed by 2x plays and other failures to move the baserunner.

Ned Yost is going to have to be real creative and aggressive with base running again.