Monday, April 11, 2005

The Strange Case of Mae Magouirk.

I have blogged some on the case of Mae Magouirk, the woman whose granddaughter is schiavoing at least according to reports from Father Rob Johansen (again HT to The Corner's Kathryn J. Lopez see my earlier blog on this for a link to KJL's instigating blog.)

Well it all sound sooooo outlandish and fantastic to me that a non-brain damaged, non-terminal, non-coma patient should be schiavoed. I mean come on, who is going to starve and dehydrate a woman that while sick can recover. I started to become suspicious of the story, thinking perhaps it is a hoax of some sort. After all, why would the big MSM dogs not notice such a story. Perhaps the Schiavo case wrap up overwhelmed it, than the Pope passing way kept it overwhelmed but I think otherwise. The types of people in the MSM do not want to get in that fight because they would lose on this one.

So I googled around a bit to find some source on the story other than blogs. After some searching I went back to NRO (again KJL gets the HT) and found This story in the Birmingham News.
Ora Mae Magouirk was awake and not in a persistent vegetative state, nor was she terminally ill, and her living will specified that she only wanted a feeding tube removed if she was in a coma or vegetative state, Mullinax said.

A LaGrange probate judge on Monday ordered three doctors, including one UAB cardiologist, to decide her future. They decided late Friday that the heart condition was treatable and had her airlifted Saturday morning, Mullinax said.

So, it appears the story is true. It also appears justice has prevailed in this case. I hope this case is over with and Ms. Magouirk lives out the rest of her years in peace. It is a shame the MSM did not pick up on this case.