Friday, May 20, 2005

Channeling Jonah Again!

Andy McCarthy is absolutely correct. Newsweek screwed-up a story which would have been the 73,087,733th tale of America showing very little respect for the religious sensibilities of murderous terrorists who call themselves Muslims. In response to the story, fanatical young men rioted and people died. The story turned out not to be true. Shame on Newsweek. But what if it were true?* Would that mean the rioters were right to indulge their epilepsy of hatred?
Source Jonah Goldberg NRO - Newsweak Reax (Breaking: Jihadists hate us.)

Right on. WSJ just ran a piece talking about Saudia Arabia thinks nothing of desecrating the symbols of other religions and in fact roughed up (including stomping on) some Qur'rans themselves.

Newsweak is a leftist rag and is out to destroy the WOT, so what? We know that. We also know Newsweak did not kill anyone! Crazies set of a chain of events.

In December of 1992 there was a disputed Mosque/Hindu Temple in India which was ransacked by a Hindu mob. Segments of the population went nuts! There were riots and one whole section of my city was cut off, woe be to those who found themselves there at the time (some friends had their cars there for maintenance). Our church was ransacked (many of our parishioners were Indian but in any event it was a Islam against the infidels thing) and rumors had it about 100 people were killed and over 10,000 deported (they rounded everyone up and checked papers, Claudia was assigned nurse duty at that camp).

Chris makes a good point here. I think it best we remember who is having the problem and I think Newsweak's biggest problem is being unable to back up a story and not the story itself.
Source: Blogger Beer - The Newsweak Article Again.

Again it sounds like I am channeling Jonah, but then again this idea was well around the block as the original blog o mine combined input from Day by Day and LGF.