Friday, May 20, 2005

WOT From the Former Ex-Pats Perspective.

Even though I think the idea that my life as an ex-pat means I oppose the WOT is silly I still understand this has probably made life for those Americans and Westerners in the Middle East more difficult.

Even when there were minor incidents about in the world we would receive "warden notices" from the Embassy in Abu Dhabi. They essentially told us they though the potential for violence directed at Americans was increased and to take the "usual precautions" such as varying routes & timings to/from work. Check out your car before getting into it, reporting suspicious behavior to the police, do not congregate with large numbers of other Americans, be aware of your surroundings etc etc etc. I would imagine now the embassy only notifies our ex-patriates only when those precautions can be relaxed.

This would be distressing. I remember incidents during the summer and thinking I would have to travel back in that kind of threat environment. Oh well, it all passed without incident and in any event we must carry on otherwise....

I am very glad Claudia and I are no longer in the Middle East. Part of this is certainly due to the situation that is going on right now, another part of it is it is a very comfortable lifestyle one not conducive to growth.