Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Leftist Stereotype.

"You lived in Arabia & overseas, how can you vote for Bush?" (Or support the WOT)

One of the reasons I support the WOT in the way I do is because of my life overseas. If you are a local, an American or a Westerner life is good in the Middle East. If you are not then life is not so good. I suppose it was easy for many Westerners to overlook how poorly those with low wasta (influence power, wasta was made up by nationality, who you knew, job etc) are treated. I hung with one of the crowds frequently dumped upon by the locals and it was offensive to me.

I have seen closeup too, how zealous Muslims can be and while I lived as a guest in Arabia, I do not relish the idea of being governed by Muslims in my homeland. Even the most liberal Islamic regime would make Jerry Fallwell & Pat Robertson look like flaming leftists.