Monday, May 02, 2005



I have been busy of late. Like I said I can not blog through the day like I used to and even at night it can be hard to fit it in. I had a meeting tonight, and then when I got home I had to look over the geeklog CMS some more and study up on web hosting systems. I am going to propose a website for one of the 8th district candidates and we want to get that going real soon.

So what is going on of late?

One topic I have not yet touched is social security. In general I like the President's idea of allowing people the choice of diverting some of their payroll tax into private accounts. I think the Democrats have done a good job sitcking together on this and I think they had better learn that most people realize Social Security is in a bad way.

I am not under any illusions social security will go away but it will certainly become more and more expensive as the years go by.