Friday, May 06, 2005

Comment on a Comment.

Yesterday's Eight-Ball award elicited a comment I will share with everyone.

The "Free Thinkers" are amusing for the same reason - they think that they're the only free thinkers. Funny, though - he answered all of his problems in that last paragraph: "Humans are not sheep." That's right. Although I'm not one, I'm sure Catholics are just as smart as I am, and that they've thought about the path they're following. Just because the libs don't like it, doesn't mean it's any less rational. The Pope is not pulling the wool over all of these people's eyes, after all...
Source: A Bark from SteveS

Thanks SteveS for reading Blogger Beer and commenting!

His opening comment hits it dead on. I recall sometime ago seeing some group of Atheists sort of acknowledging the fact their arrogance turns people off. So they decided to rename their group to The Brights, thats it! I am sorry I can not recall specifics so you have my blessings if you pull out the salt on that one. None the less this is the sort of attitude I see many Atheists take. They are smart and those who believe in God are not.

Don't take the previous blog to mean that Republicans always conform to faith, they do not. But of the Democrats are much more closely associated with the type of person who sees faith as a bad thing, as a thing to be stamped out of the public square.

The one quibble I do have here, is the reference to rational thought. Faith is irrational period! Faith escapes rational thought this is not a slam on faith it is a matter of definition.

We often say someone is acting in an irrational manner but we are not using the term properly. Most often we should just say "so-n-so is acting stupidly" or "crazily" but not irrationally.

Complex numbers however abstract are rational (not in the set of numbers they belong to, I loved my class on complex numbers, the use of complex numbers leads to many interesting results) in that our minds can work with them and can comprehend them. God is not rational and faith in God is not rational when one understands what it truly means to be rational and irrational.