Tuesday, May 10, 2005


According to Rush Limbaugh Trent Lott is close to a "deal" on filibusters. The deal is essentially the same one Bill Frist turned down. The Dems in the deal are to pledge they will only use the filibuster in "extreme circumstances". That is an invitation to filibuster later on. The deal would the filibuster broken on seven of the nominees and remain for three of them.

The Dems put themselves into a bad situation here. They had a nice little tool for use against a Supreme Court nominee and they squandered it on lesser justices.

I had formerly been opposed to the rule change and now I am for it. I have discussed what the filibuster is and how it is not a constitutionally mandated procedure, it has nowhere near the sanctity the left currently assigns to it. Ann Coulter states to start discussing the filibuster in all of its lawyerly detail is just making a simple idea murky.

Dump the filibuster as a tool against judicial nominees!